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Is Your Business Adequately Protected?

Plan Your Company’s Future Today!

Could your company recover from the loss of a key executive or key employee? Who will run your company when you or a business partner decides to retire? What if your top salesperson or partner becomes permanently disabled? Do you have a plan? GPI Financial Services specializes in securing the best key man insurance, to help companies of all sizes protect their essential business assets.

How Can Keyman Insurance Help?


GPI Financial Services provides competitive solutions to meet the following business insurance needs:


Key Man Life Insurance

– If one of your top revenue generators unexpectedly dies in an accident next week, what impact would that have on your business? Key Man insurance is specifically designed to protect your company from the threat of death of one of your key people.


Currently licensed in 14 States with the ability to be licensed in all 50 states, we represent the highest quality key man insurance companies in the industry, we shop the marketplace to uncover the best keyman life insurance policies for your key employees and executives, assuring that your business is protected at the absolute best value.


Disability Income Insurance

- Disability insurance is without a doubt the most overlooked keyman insurance by business owners and companies. Ironically, at most ages, the chance of becoming disabled is significantly higher than death. Do not fail to plan for a disabling accident or illness!


Disability coverage comes in many forms and the type of policy you need ultimately depends on who you are trying to protect. We offer custom quotes to cover all disability insurance needs including key employee disability insurance, individual disability income insurance, disability buy-out insurance and business overhead expense insurance. The key to securing the best disability policy is to work with experienced professionals, and we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses find their top disability or keyman insurance options.


Business Continuation and Succession Planning

- Studies routinely show that most small business owners have the majority of their assets invested in their company. This is a reasonable strategy, especially if the rates of return are higher than other alternative investments. However, what happens if a business owner dies unexpectedly? How can the deceased owner’s family or estate get the equity out of the business without depleting the company’s assets? Also, what happens when one of the partners in your firm wants to retire?


The importance of a continuation plan which includes an exit strategy cannot be understated. A properly funded buy-sell agreement will provide liquidity when it is needed most and assure that your company can continue without the complications associated by not planning. Do you have a business succession plan?


Executive Benefits

- Retaining top employees is crucial to all companies. In fact, in many cases employees are a business’ most important assets. Retaining the individuals should be of the highest priority and executive benefit planning can help reward your top performers and at the same time, tie them more closely to your business. Whether your business is a start-up firm needing key man insurance to secure financing or an established company implementing a business continuation plan, GPI Financial Service provides the keyman life insurance and disability insurance expertise required to assure your company gets superior protection at the absolute best value.


A well-structured key man insurance policy could be the difference between a company that continues operations uninterrupted and one that closes its doors. Is your company prepared?